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                                                                  SOFTWASH  ROOF CLEANING


“Soft washing is a cleaning method that employs the use of low-pressure water and proprietary soap solutions (Typically compromising of soaps and surfactants) to safely remove mildew, stains, streaks, bird droppings, bacteria, algae and other organic buildups from roofs.”

                                                  “Why should I have my roof washed?”

3 Reasons to Have Your Roof Soft Washed

1. Selling Home

If you’re someone who is selling their home, aside from the front door, believe it or not the roof serves an integral part in the appearance of your home. 

Like the car, you might not always consciously notice a roof’s condition, but you will certainly notice a roof that looks brand new… and so will prospective buyers. 

2. You’re Told You Need a New Roof

Sometimes you might be told your roof has some hail damage or you’re in need of a new roof. However, most roofs are designed to last 20 or so years. 

It might just be that your roof has organic build-up or black streaks and stains from algae, and all your home really needs is a roof soft wash, not a roof replacement. 

That being said – we will also always let you know if we find a soft spot on your roof and you need a roofing company to come to check it out

3. Get Someone on Your Roof

Lastly, it always good to get someone on your roof every couple of years to make sure everything is looking good. 

This might seem silly, but having someone inspect your roof periodically is a good maintenance tip for homeowners. Additionally, the roof wash will chip away organic build up that can potentially weigh down shingles causing them to break off in storms. 

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