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Why cleaning your gutters should be on the top of your to-do list

“Gutters fill with leaves and other debris over the winter and if you haven’t cleaned them out by the time those big spring and summer storms hit, the uncontrolled water flow can have a devastating effect on your home.

“The water comes down into your gutter, but if it’s filled with leaves, the water doesn’t just flow off over the top, instead it flows back to the house and into your eaves and can eventually get into your wall cavities and cause widespread damage.”

Roof damage and water damage can have a devastating effect on your home.

Clearing and cleaning gutters before the onset of extreme summer weather is also a good idea if you live in a bushfire prone area to reduce the likelihood of spot fires and flying embers close to your home.

                                                                         Getting the right help

It’s always wise to call in the experts with risky home maintenance jobs like gutter cleaning, especially if you’ll need to climb a ladder.

Professional gutter cleaners will usually be experienced at working at heights, climbing ladders and use harnesses. In many cases they’ll carry powerful leaf blowers and other specialised kit to make the job efficient and safer.

Fast, convenient and reliable Service

     HOW WE  DO IT

    clean gutters

    Flush gutters with water

    Clean and Inspect  all downspouts

    Clean and pick up all debris on de ground dropped from the gutters

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